How It's Made Matters

In a world where many artisan goods are produced in factories and peddled by mass marketing campaigns, Cape Diablo Jewelry was created in hopes of connecting you to something truly authentic.

Through every purchase of one of our products, we and our beloved customers are helping working mothers from small villages around the world to earn a living.

Handmade With Love

Our products are handmade in small communities and villages in Southern China, by lovely groups of mothers that put their biggest effort into creating an amazing product just for you, while giving special attention to every detail. Our production has created a sustainable system of support through work — not charity — offering a sense of dignity and creating opportunities for our skilled artisans to build a better life.

We believe in making a difference in the lives of the people who help make our collections.

We realized our customers have the purchasing power to provide dignified job opportunities to working moms all over the globe, and Cape Diablo Jewelry gets to be the gateway. With every purchase, you are part of this purpose, of bringing work, hope, and empowerment for more homes.


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