Valentine's Day

Love’s in the little things.

Little acts of love

Our new Valentine's Day collection is inspired by everyday moments that mean the most. Fall in love with a world of bracelets, watch straps and so much more.

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Imperial Heart Protection Wrap BraceletImperial Heart Protection Wrap Bracelet
Passion Heart Friendship BraceletPassion Heart Friendship Bracelet
Passion Heart Friendship Bracelet
Sale price$34.00 USD

3 colors available

Intense Love Protection Wrap BraceletIntense Love Protection Wrap Bracelet
Chakra Love Rainbow Wrap BraceletChakra Love Rainbow Wrap Bracelet
Chakra Love Rainbow Wrap Bracelet
Sale price$44.00 USD
Intense Love Protection Apple Watch StrapIntense Love Protection Apple Watch Strap
Chakra Heart Energy EarringsChakra Heart Energy Earrings
Chakra Heart Energy Earrings
Sale price$34.00 USD
Imperial Heart Apple Watch StrapImperial Heart Apple Watch Strap
Imperial Heart Apple Watch Strap
Sale price$47.00 USD
Healing Chakra Heart Wrap BraceletHealing Chakra Heart Wrap Bracelet
Healing Jasper Love Wrap BraceletHealing Jasper Love Wrap Bracelet
Healing Jasper Love Wrap Bracelet
Sale price$44.00 USD
Heartbeat Charm Healing BraceletHeartbeat Charm Healing Bracelet
Heartbeat Charm Healing Bracelet
Sale price$34.00 USD
Eternal Love Protection BraceletEternal Love Protection Bracelet
Eternal Love Protection Bracelet
Sale price$34.00 USD
Intense Love Protection EarringsIntense Love Protection Earrings
Intense Love Protection Earrings
Sale price$34.00 USD

3 colors available

Amazonite Love Protection BraceletAmazonite Love Protection Bracelet
Love Warrior Protection Wrap BraceletLove Warrior Protection Wrap Bracelet
Intense Love Protection NecklaceIntense Love Protection Necklace
Intense Love Protection Necklace
Sale price$34.00 USD

3 colors available

Intense Heart Healing BraceletIntense Heart Healing Bracelet
Intense Heart Healing Bracelet
Sale price$39.00 USD
Red Heart Jasper Drop EarringsRed Heart Jasper Drop Earrings
Red Heart Jasper Drop Earrings
Sale price$34.00 USD
Blue Love Protection Wrap BraceletBlue Love Protection Wrap Bracelet
Labradorite Heart Protection Wrap BraceletLabradorite Heart Protection Wrap Bracelet
Vibrant Heart Protection Wrap BraceletVibrant Heart Protection Wrap Bracelet
Serene Love Protection Wrap BraceletSerene Love Protection Wrap Bracelet
Amethyst Love Protection Wrap BraceletAmethyst Love Protection Wrap Bracelet
Healing Apatite Heart Wrap BraceletHealing Apatite Heart Wrap Bracelet
Everlasting Friendship Opal Heart BraceletEverlasting Friendship Opal Heart Bracelet

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