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Healing Amazonite Protection Wrap BraceletHealing Amazonite Protection Wrap Bracelet
Amazonite Ocean EarringsAmazonite Ocean Earrings
Amazonite Ocean Earrings
Sale price$29.95 USD
Amazonite Prosperity BraceletAmazonite Prosperity Bracelet
Amazonite Prosperity Bracelet
Sale price$34.95 USD
Healing Amazonite Bohemian BraceletHealing Amazonite Bohemian Bracelet
Ocean Breeze Amazonite BraceletOcean Breeze Amazonite Bracelet
Ocean Breeze Amazonite Bracelet
Sale price$29.00 USD

2 colors available

Amazonite Angelical Wrap BraceletAmazonite Angelical Wrap Bracelet
Amazonite Angelical Wrap Bracelet
Sale price$39.95 USD
Amazonite Delight Wrap BraceletAmazonite Delight Wrap Bracelet
Amazonite Delight Wrap Bracelet
Sale price$39.95 USD
Amazonite Chandelier Drop EarringsAmazonite Chandelier Drop Earrings
Amazonite Heaven on Earth Wrap BraceletAmazonite Heaven on Earth Wrap Bracelet
Amazonite Leather BraceletAmazonite Leather Bracelet
Amazonite Leather Bracelet
Sale price$34.00 USD
Amazonite Goddess Leather Wrap BraceletAmazonite Goddess Leather Wrap Bracelet
Amazonite Protection EarringsAmazonite Protection Earrings
Amazonite Protection Earrings
Sale price$24.95 USD
Healing Royal Amazonite Wrap BraceletHealing Royal Amazonite Wrap Bracelet
Nirvana Amazonite BraceletNirvana Amazonite Bracelet
Nirvana Amazonite Bracelet
Sale price$39.00 USD
Amazonite Bohemian EarringsAmazonite Bohemian Earrings
Amazonite Bohemian Earrings
Sale price$39.00 USD
The Amazonite Eye BraceletThe Amazonite Eye Bracelet
The Amazonite Eye Bracelet
Sale price$39.00 USD
Amazonite Goddess RingAmazonite Goddess Ring
Amazonite Goddess Ring
Sale price$34.00 USD
Magical Amazonite Gilded BraceletMagical Amazonite Gilded Bracelet
Magical Amazonite Gilded Bracelet
Sale price$44.00 USD
Amazonite Queen Wrap BraceletAmazonite Queen Wrap Bracelet
Amazonite Queen Wrap Bracelet
Sale price$39.95 USD
Universe Amazonite RingUniverse Amazonite Ring
Universe Amazonite Ring
Sale price$29.00 USD
Amazonite Dreamer BraceletAmazonite Dreamer Bracelet
Amazonite Dreamer Bracelet
Sale price$34.00 USD
Amazonite Drop EarringsAmazonite Drop Earrings
Amazonite Drop Earrings
Sale price$34.00 USD
Intense Amazonite Wrap BraceletIntense Amazonite Wrap Bracelet
Intense Amazonite Wrap Bracelet
Sale price$39.95 USD
Amazonite & Agate Mix Drop EarringsAmazonite & Agate Mix Drop Earrings

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