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Butterfly Spirit BraceletButterfly Spirit Bracelet
Butterfly Spirit Bracelet
Sale price$34.00 USD
Beaming Violet Opal BraceletBeaming Violet Opal Bracelet
Beaming Violet Opal Bracelet
Sale price$39.00 USD
Vintage Freshwater Pearl BraceletVintage Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
Vintage Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
Sale price$34.00 USD
Amethyst Meditation Wrap BraceletAmethyst Meditation Wrap Bracelet
Amethyst Meditation Wrap Bracelet
Sale price$44.00 USD
Rhodonite Love Protection Wrap BraceletRhodonite Love Protection Wrap Bracelet
Jaipur Wrap BraceletJaipur Wrap Bracelet
Jaipur Wrap Bracelet
Sale price$44.00 USD
Couple's Protection Braided BraceletCouple's Protection Braided Bracelet
Bohemian Jasper BraceletBohemian Jasper Bracelet
Bohemian Jasper Bracelet
Sale price$39.00 USD
Men's Onyx Energy BraceletMen's Onyx Energy Bracelet
Men's Onyx Energy Bracelet
Sale price$34.00 USD
Men's Antique Metallic Lava BraceletMen's Antique Metallic Lava Bracelet
Earth Emperor Jasper Wrap BraceletEarth Emperor Jasper Wrap Bracelet
Amazonite Heart Luxury Wrap BraceletAmazonite Heart Luxury Wrap Bracelet
Glistening Moonstone Teardrop BraceletGlistening Moonstone Teardrop Bracelet
Fancy Opal Heart Wrap BraceletFancy Opal Heart Wrap Bracelet
Fancy Opal Heart Wrap Bracelet
Sale price$44.00 USD
Ethereal Labradorite Wrap BraceletEthereal Labradorite Wrap Bracelet
Ethnic Turquoise Charm BraceletEthnic Turquoise Charm Bracelet
Ethnic Turquoise Charm Bracelet
Sale price$34.00 USD
Healing Opal Protection Cuff BraceletHealing Opal Protection Cuff Bracelet
Healing Sodalite Wrap BraceletHealing Sodalite Wrap Bracelet
Healing Sodalite Wrap Bracelet
Sale price$44.00 USD
Healing Blue Sodalite Wrap BraceletHealing Blue Sodalite Wrap Bracelet
Men's Boho African Turquoise BraceletMen's Boho African Turquoise Bracelet
Enchanting Amethyst Wrap BraceletEnchanting Amethyst Wrap Bracelet
Enchanting Amethyst Wrap Bracelet
Sale price$44.00 USD
Jade Infinity Wrap BraceletJade Infinity Wrap Bracelet
Jade Infinity Wrap Bracelet
Sale price$44.00 USD

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