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In a world where many artisan goods are produced in factories and peddled by mass marketing campaigns, Cape Diablo Jewelry was created in hopes of connecting you to something truly authentic.

Through every purchase of one of our products, we and our beloved customers are helping working mothers from small villages around the world to earn a living while working from home and by this helping them with an extra income source without having to sacrifice precious time with their children.

All our products are designed in the US by our talented and passionate design team, which spends days and nights thinking, visualizing and finally creating new fantastic stone combinations for our unique collections.
All the materials used in our products are chosen by hand while being responsibly and ethically sourced from all around the world by selected suppliers. Our intensive approach to sourcing components takes us around the world in search of one-of-a-kind and rare materials that go into our collections.

Our products are handmade in small communities and villages in Vietnam, Thailand and China, by lovely groups of mothers that manufacture every piece from their home and put their biggest effort into creating an amazing product just for you, while giving special attention to every detail. Our production has created a sustainable system of support through work — not charity — offering a sense of dignity and creating opportunities for our skilled artisans to build a better life.

We believe in making a difference in the lives of the people who help make our collections. Through Cape Diablo Foundation, we invest in, train, and educate these strong women so they can earn a living, break the cycle of poverty, have more time with their children and thrive. Once they go through their manufacturing training, we provide them with all the materials they need to ensure our customers will receive a unique and high-quality final product. 

We realized our customers have the purchasing power to provide dignified job opportunities to working moms all over the globe, and Cape Diablo Jewelry gets to be the gateway. With every purchase, you are part of this purpose, of bringing work, hope, and empowerment for more homes.


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  • I see these lively woman must have received their stimulating checks to buy such gorgeous bracelets♥️. It’s sims in the last 5 to 6 years. There has been a lot of companies opening jewelry businesses with beautiful precious stones of the Earth. I do have my eye on one of your bracelets. I think it’s wonderful to see more women taking an interest in making and taking an interest in something that comes from the Earth. I use to make a lot of jewelry until I became disabled, it was my passion in between my real job and my passion since I was a teenager and now I’m sixty, but it’s so wonderful to see girls and women taking it seriously as a business. Congratulations Cape Diablo, I’m sure you will be seeing some orders from me and I diffently will telling a lot of my follow-friends about your gorgeous jewelry. God Bless You my lovely follow working women. ConnieFrances.

    Connie Bollibon on
  • I love and believe all the Crystals provide meaningful qualities that I have and am interested in buying a bracelet that is affordable.and

    Virginia Tweedy on
  • I love your bracelets as many others do. I just ordered one for my daughter-in-laws birthday. I know she’ll love it.
    Because I am 73 and live on a limited income I’m unable to buy as much as I’d like. I have 6 grandchildren (young adults) who I know would find one they love. The problem is, my buying power. But I will try to stretch my budget because I would love to be able to give each one of them a bracelet for Christmas.
    Thank you for the work that you do.

    Diane on
  • What a lovely idea….helping women to earn income from home while raising their children.
    Where are these beautiful hand made jewelry pieces made?
    I have many friends that are interested in healing crystals as am I!
    Thank you,
    Jean Rene

    JEan REne on
  • We love them. Are these bracelets unisex? Is there any cadmium or is it steel?

    RIch on

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